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Dream, dare, do


Izaak didn’t finish school and started working instead. But he took a different turn: now he’s studying at the University of Antwerp and has been working as a student in a Telenet shop for the past 3 years. 

Variety is the spice of life

“I grew up in Bergen op Zoom, just across the border. When I turned 21 I was suddenly overwhelmed by a ‘is this it?’ feeling. I needed some change and decided to go for a degree in Antwerp. New surroundings, new challenges.”

“Upon my arrival in Antwerp, I started working full time in a Telenet shop. Hence, it took a while before I everything was in place to start my studies.” Studying and at the same time working to pay for your rent is not an obvious thing to do. But as a student he feels at ease between the other salespeople. “I’ve been at the Telenet shop for three years now and it now almost feels like a distraction between my classes. I really like to be in touch with customers and help them with their requests. And my colleagues are great! During the exams, they are very flexible to adapt our work schedule.”

Dream, dare, do!

Going for a Law degree while you’re working 14 hours a week, it’s tough but it seems to make a lot of sense to Izaak. “If you really want something, you just have to go for it. A lot of my student colleagues think I’m crazy, but this is what I want and so I will do my utmost to succeed. I aspire a nice function in an organisation and a master’s degree in law seems to me an ideal start for this.”

And Izaak’s ambitions go even higher. “I am 25 years old now and the world is at my feet! I’d like to go for a master’s degree in International Law after finishing my initial master. Ideally I’ll do this somewhere abroad, there’s so much more to see than Belgium and the Netherlands!”

Using energy wisely

In addition to working, studying and housekeeping, he doesn’t have a lot of free time left. However, he tries to put all his time to good use. “I like to read mythology books and Machiavelli also inspires me a lot. I also go running from time to time and during the summertime I often go for a ride on my motorcycle.”

It might be hard to believe, but Izaak describes himself as ‘rather lazy’. “I’m very selective in determining where to put my energy in. You don’t have to work hard, you have to work ‘smart’ and in the meantime, make sure to enjoy life.”

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