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Equal opportunities for all


Sachin Sehgal, our IT Service Delivery Manager, started his career in India. He later moved to Turkey, the United States and London – before touching down in our little Belgium. “I love the diversity in Belgium, this is my home now!”

Sachin has over 16 years of experience within IT. Four years ago he was looking for a new challenge in an unknown, new sector. And that’s how he rolled into the telecom world.

Today, Sachin is our IT Service Delivery Manager. “I manage the operational requirements for small and big innovation projects and try to limit the risks relating to this. These projects can be related to our online services or the mobile applications for our customers. Next to that I also negotiate KPIs and Service Level Agreements with our vendors, partners and internal users to make sure realistic targets and reporting procedures are set. I’m also responsible to handle all change requests raised within IT.”

 But it isn’t all work… Sachin is always to first to jump into action to organise team building and social events within the IT department.

Everyone deserves the same opportunities

“Initially I moved to Belgium for only three months, but 3 months turned into 10 years! The country is so small, but so diverse. I love it that there are many different nationalities harmoniously living together. And this diversity is also reflected within Telenet: everyone is welcome and that’s very important to me. Colleagues from different nationalities or backgrounds work closely together.”

 Sachin grew up in an environment in which great importance was given to equal rights and opportunities for all. “Today I still think that is important. I don’t believe in stereotypes: everyone deserves the same opportunities. In my free time I work as a volunteer in an organisation that strives for gender equality. We brainstorm to come to new ideas that treat men and women the same way. One of our recent ideas for example was to give men the opportunity to take more paternity leave.” 

Jack of all trades

Sachin constantly challenges himself. One example of is that he likes to do different sports. “From childhood on, I frequently changed hobbies. Today I enjoy wall climbing and Crossfit. It really helps me to blow off some steam.”

 He is also a polyglot. He speaks Hindi, English, has good knowledge of German, and a little bit of French. “And I recently started following Dutch classes as well. The grammar is quite hard, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”


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